Friendica Communications Server - Setup

System check

libCurl PHP module Ok (required)
GD graphics PHP module Ok (required)
OpenSSL PHP module Ok (required)
mysqli PHP module Ok (required)
mb_string PHP module Ok (required)
mcrypt PHP module Ok (required)
XML PHP module Ok (required)
iconv module Ok (required)
mcrypt_create_iv() function Ok
If you are using php_cli, please make sure that mcrypt module is enabled in its config file
ImageMagick PHP extension is installed Ok
ImageMagick supports GIF Ok
.htconfig.php is writable Ok
view/smarty3 is writable Ok (required)
Generate encryption keys Ok (required)
Command line PHP Optional requirement not satisfied
Could not find a command line version of PHP in the web server PATH.
If you don't have a command line version of PHP installed on server, you will not be able to run background polling via cron. See 'Setup the poller'

Enter full path to php executable. You can leave this blank to continue the installation.
Url rewrite is working Ok (required)