#bitcoin and the brave new FOX-twitter World ..
The typically unintelligible twitter post. EXCLSV all caps == exclusive? frmr?? farmer, former...? lobbyist? which lobbyist? I don't even understand if it's a positive comment or not.
Then the "answer": Not many know what this threat is. What threat? Did the chick mention a threat? The government's hypothetical threat maybe? A report on what, on the government or on bitcoin? Just google it maybe? Ahh fuck twitter.
@michele happy I'm not alone, I don't get at least half of the twitter messages I read here.
I don’t get at least half of the twitter messages I read here.
same for me (at first) ..

the women apparently is kinda FOX news host, i guess anouncing a take of the f** "lobbyist" in her show on how to survive Trumps economic melt down .. :)
and apparently the rat is first to smell that something fishy is going on .. lol
Fédération Royale Marocaine de Tennis, maybe she's just fond of moroccan tennis :P

Sorry but I'm a real donkey tonight: I finally understood she fears congress will kill BTC rising dynamics with regulation, but he 3 last words drive me crazy.
wtf with lobbyists ? she warns them ? she got an info from one of them ?
The guy below also fears regulation, right ?
And you indeed expect something to happen, but due to poor management by this exceptional american president ? EXTRAORDINARY I should say :P
I'm like 95% sure I got it so wrong, you know I'm tired and I usually have a hard time understanding money stuff :P
you basically got it right .. it's all mixed up .. ganz großes Kino would germans say.
(i even actually checked desert rats profile to see if he is a troll, nothing seems real anymore, except fox news stupidity .. )
yepp and of the big one (ganz groß) :)
Either way China dominates the market right now. If one country other than that drops out, I don't think it's going to be a big issue. Maybe the price will just go down a bit before recovering again.
actually the reason of the tweet was even worse as expected .. well FOX .. what else to expect ..