If you wanna get really screwd, call yourself #PuertoRico.

YouTube: A Primer On Puerto Rico | October 4, 2017 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee)

A quick look at Puerto Rico's hundred-year history of getting screwed with their pantalones on by the United States. With Javier Muñoz. Watch Full Frontal wi...
Puerto Rico should totally separate from the United States in retribution for this ill treatment.
i guess you are not aware of the term odious debt, coined by US judge (supreme court?) because of the mentioned emperial war between Spain and the US back in 1898.
First of all, Costa Rica should probably sue the US and US banks.
I'm aware of the concept, and actually believe in it, but I did not know Puerto Rico owed the U.S. money.

I would vote to repudiate any and all debts owed by Puerto Rico and allow them to be fully independent and free.

Since U.S. Banks own and operate the U.S. Government, I don't think suing them would do any good. Complete Freedom and self-determination like the people of Catalonia want would be best.
Well, i guess people would become two have two citizenship. The US and the new Puerto Rican. I guess citizenship is a personal right you can't just take away.
yehvh diaspora
Puerto Ricans are both US citizens and Puerto Rican citizens. But sometimes merely being a citizen from this or that place does not mean much.
being citizen of the empire commonly has some advantages ..
yehvh diaspora
Well, those advantages don't usually apply to everyone. For example, black people in the USA, etc.