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At some point, a year ago, give or take, I realized all xmpp clients suck ass. It was this malcontent that led me to #profanity. A week ago I realized all bittorrent clients suck donkey ass, they are all slow like shit or terribly bloated. Again, the malcontent made me install rtorrent. You really need to try rtorrent, I have never ever seen such speed. Rtorrent is ultrasmooth. Also sexy as cli, no bloat, elegant, minimal, clear, nice and sexy.

Why are you not using rtorrent, diasporian?



rtorrent - rTorrent BitTorrent client
rtorrent is cool but, Deluge has been my favorite for quite some time. Run it in daemon mode and enjoy it via CLI, GUI or web.
ncurses UI :) nice i like softwares with ncurses :) i qbittorrent ant is the best GUI client.
:( not support magnets... this is really bad
kmicu Diaspora
As a former rtorrent user I would like to see some numbers to confirm that placebo–powered ultrasmoothness :)
Currently I am using https://transmissionbt.com/ daemon with https://github.com/holomorph/transmission as UI. I do not see any difference in speed in comparison to rtorrent.
Sure it supports magnets, what are you talking about, mate?

No placebo at all. Btw transmission is the crappiest client in terms of speed I've ever tried, try it with a torrent that hasn't got 500 seeds but a few and compare it with rtorrent. Day and night.
kmicu Diaspora
There is no difference in my case. For about 2 years I was using rtorrent and rtorrent with Pyroscope patches. Since past year I am on Transmission and I see no difference. Keep in mind that it is difficult to get an honest and deterministic comparison when network is involved. Without a reproducible benchmark we will not figure out what is faster.
Your point is correct. Here I see a great difference, both in the time it takes to start the download of the torrent (and here is really where transmission makes me wanna pull my hair out) and the actual average speed of the download. I have tested it with several torrents so far and it really is splendid. I also enjoy a lot lightweight programs. Ncurses is magic.