Probably a scam and will fold quick, but they give a free 150GH/s for #bitcoin mining with no investment, I made a few bucks over the last few days. If nothing else gets you to understand #btc mining a bit more.

https://www.sierrahash.com/?ref=194373 (yes, it's a pyramid site like most, I don't recommend actually sending them any btc, just play with the free hash power they give out)

Sierra Hash - Cloud Mining

SierraHash.com - The New Generation of Bitcoin Mining - Join us now!
Yup, but I'm still pulling out btc every 24 hours, I'll go till they fold!
You can actually withdraw without investing?
I have 50 million USD in Nigeria, I just need to pay them 10000$ for the paperwork ;)
Can I send you 50 million now for it?