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.. and the day came that Pipi Longstocking took her crayons and painted the indications for the 99% straight onto the charts ..
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the limit of where it is going up or down and the "temperature" of the respective move

people observe certain levels and buy or sell if the price drops or climbs.
these levels relate to previous experience with those levels, direction and intensity (buying/selling presure → RSI) of the trading activity and if the direction is a normal "adjustment" on the way up for example.

look at it like stair steps

666 used to be a future fist
now look to 7 in such thrift
but always know that 7 + 2 is 9
and in base 10, 9 is the cycle to complete a time

If 11 is magick
and 7+2 is 9
there's a possible message to find
for those that know occult and aren't blind.

For those to naive to see
What the hidden are writing out plainly though unseen
Do not fret, as fear is their pet
Simply know to be excellent to each other
Because that was always your best bet.

to 7 we go.

Always as fresh as when I first heard it 40+ years ago:)

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#bitcoin as a use case for understanding the terms and concepts of trading.

Candlesticks were invented by some asia... ver más

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immediate price rise after Charlie Lee's tweet about first atomic swap transaction probably ever recorded with some one else


interview and explanation by #WCN with the involved. This is not lightning atomic swap but something #decred developer came up with. it's apparently possible with lot's of ecoins and gives way to decentralized #otc trading/conversion without third party involvement.


#bitcoin tecnical analysis by @ToneVays
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on twitter of course, so i write some more lines and we get a link to the e-coin analysis and bitcoin forum page out here into twitter, as we have already character overflow … :) https://twitter.com/ToneVays/status/910520179402174464

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#bitcoin .. a case study ..

when #denial gives it's reasoning a voice ..
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YouTube: Bitcoin, ICO Ban and Crypto Bloodbath - Programmer explains (Ivan on Tech)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen a huge downward trend. A lot has to do with the Chinese ICO regulations. Let's talk about these events. We also ...

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looks like the comunity gives a sh** .. like nobody/everybody trust's Trump ..

.. buy! .. buy! .. buy! ..

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___.. don't Panik ..___

#China's three largest #bitcoin exchanges said on Thursday they will strengthen oversight of customers' identities and sources of funds, in the latest shift since the Chinese central bank stepped up its scrutiny of the industry.
BTCC, OkCoin and Huobi said in identical statements on their websites that they wanted to curb market speculation and prevent activities such as currency exchange through bitcoin, which they warned was not issued by monetary authorities and carried high risk.
Their move comes after
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#HighNoon on 11/3/2017
Across all U.S. exchanges tracked by data provider #CoinDesk, the average daily volume of #bitcoin traded is about $30 million. Much more trading occurs in China, but those exchanges wouldn’t be used by a U.S. fund, Mr. Bogart says, because they function in an opaque manner.
Mr. Bogart estimates that at least $300 million would come into any approved ETF in the first week, as a convenient door to bitcoin opens up to investors. Institutional investors like pension funds haven’t been able to partake in bitcoin because many of their charters require that portfolio securities
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___ok .. anyone knows chinese?___
comment on btc-e shoutbox
2 of the 3 biggest btc exchanges in the world just locked up everyones bitcoins! lol

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Ok, i already mined about 40 #Faircoin with the energy suply of over 25 year old photovoltaic cells and some borrowed used car batteries on an old refurbished T42.

Can anbody think of cash of the future produced in a more environmentaly clean manner?
#bitcoin #mining #ecoin
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Olm-e Diaspora
you pose a question, I answer ..... and yes you should look at duniter/relative theory of the money, as it's not a "new thing" (already some years now) and it's a deep thing that get into the core of the money "problems" ...
also, you created some coin out of thin air (and some sun), cool... but it doesn't mean it's valuable unless it's working in a community that accept to give it some. That's what is at the core of the Duniter thing and the Relative Theory of the Money. I'm just giving you that info as a gift... do what you want with it ;)
you created some coin out of thin air (and some sun)

Not to much over sea level .. not to thin .. at least with few VW engines, that means good air .. :)

Actually excellent air over here, i wonder if the fair employ of the energy station for the fair and sunny accounting system should pay for that "extra service"!

unless it’s working in a community that accept to give it some

My talk, let's build one :)

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Having a look at the volumes it looks like the last two weeks the price is "driven" by non chinese buyers.

_kinda #Drumpfrun effect?_

For the @faircoin community of course there are #fakenews too!

We are whitnesing some real panic sells at the only trading site:
__01/22/2017 07:47:08 AM SELL Price: 0.00002016 Fair: 132715.52299479 BTC: 2.67554494__
as the site triggered it's "trade or die!" anoncement ..
This market is in danger of de-listing due to low trade volume and lack of user interest. It may be removed on Friday, January 27th 2017 unless the average daily trade volume for the last 14 days exceeds 0.5 BTC. If you would like to keep the market listed, please encourage the development team to contact us at support@bittrex.com. If you have questions about the policy, please see https://bittrex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202583874.

___Some serious stuff that could be discussed in the ​@e-coin Analysis forum,
if anyone has the need for to share some emotions ..___

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