Regarding #FOSDEM and the #diaspora* stand there. Could we maybe have a few extra phones, tablets and/or laptops there for demo purposes? Some old worthless gear if someone has anything dusting in the corner and wants to lug it to the stand? I could take my Jolla with me which is not used atm + a shitty old tablet.

I think last time the stand was a bit too much "take a sticker/infosheet and ask if you dare", but otherwise there wasn't anything "to do". A laptop and a few mobile devices there available with a logged in dummy account on some devel pod would give passers by much more than an info sheet.

Anyone have a laptop to bring that isn't worth much and can be dedicated for demo purposes?

Ping @Fla @Augier @dada @Phipe
Phipe Diaspora
Can't be there and have no such of material, sorry... o/
Oh sorry Phipe, I thought you were coming :(
dada Diaspora
We're planning it. I can have an old Android, maybe 2 FirefoxOS and an extra screen. Not you sure about all of that but that's work in progress
We could use them creating funds, selling them at getfaircoin.net prices (the value displayed in electrum and android wallet).
Phipe Diaspora
No Jason, i hope next year but this, i've recently had little surgery....
Augier Diaspora
I'll still have my phone. I can bring my tablet too.
.. ponemos todas las monedas como perlas arriba de un hilo y las vendemos todas! .. :)
They are support tokens so they should be an € worth at least! :)
(point is to predefine for what to use the resulting funds)
Great idea, Jason. Thanks, all of you!
Fla Diaspora
I have my phone and my computer, I would have an old computer to be always at the stand useful as a demo, but it's quite heavy, I'm coming by train and already bring the flag so if I can avoid take it, it would be cool.
Maybe you can put some kinda a terminal where people can surf with a "special purpose account", post something inside the #fossdem2016 stream and we particpate from within the web?
Good Idea :) I update recently the framapad with a laptop : Acer Aspire 3020 ;) Just a little reinstall next week and it's ok, if you would like an other distro than LinuxMint, just say it :)
I'm running Wheezy from usb on ibm t42 and it's more or less ok, so no need to expose own hardware. Just download last wheezy or tails → dd if= of=, and your done. :)

(btw - tails comes with electrum wallet, people can even create an #mpk for to have faircoin adresses for the people)
Ok, this would onlybe cute if you put some kind of ballot/voting screen and locate a surveillance camera properly, maybe managed with a joystick. :)
Augier Diaspora
The stickers just arrived, dudes!

The white on transparant ones:

and the black on white ones:

Fla Diaspora
I'm almost not drunk.
Augier Diaspora
Me quite not sure about that...