"Australian" Pataphysicists if possible :D
Tina Diaspora
It is not possibeul. The earth is flat. Australia in ON the plate, not under. ^^
@Tina: Nono, Australia is on the other side of the plate. If you loosen the rocket, it falls off the plate, passes by the elephants that carry it and crashes on the shell of Big Turtle.
That's the problem why they never launched from Australia.
Tina Diaspora
Certainly, @divmondes, but we know since recently that the Great Turtle is positioned on the back, so with her paws she can intercept the rocket and send it back into space. ... oO'

Say hey, say yeah. Say hey, say yeah. Whoopee. :D))
Thanks @Tina, I have to admit that I am scientifically not really up to date. :-(
Tina Diaspora
Aw. I personnaly confess that I'm close to peremption... :/