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immediate price rise after Charlie Lee's tweet about first atomic swap transaction probably ever recorded with some one else


interview and explanation by #WCN with the involved. This is not lightning atomic swap but something #decred developer came up with. it's apparently possible with lot's of ecoins and gives way to decentralized #otc trading/conversion without third party involvement.


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#PinkyVays goes german #autobahn and get's hit by a lot of criticism ..
German Autobahn is lightning network! :-)

You drive like miss daisy, 200mph or you missed gas pedal..
Dem münchener Bitcoin geht's also gut? weiterhin gut verwahrt?? :)

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paniksells in bitcoinlandia

A into deep writing by Mike Hearn, together with several #bitcoin core update proposals are creating a meltdown in all the mayor coins. This is most likely the first wave of reactions, as the blockchain community (industry) is facing special circumstances bitcoin is facing because of disagreement in the community and an overwhelming hashing power in china → behind the great fire wall.

Besides the most probably outcome that this will not make disappear bitcoin but disrupt right now it's evolution until the disagreements are sorted out, it is reasonable to consider which #blockchain project do escape the problems bitcoin is actually facing.

Into the hashing power problem will most likely run every project that evolves... ver más

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No need to apologize for to cry .. don't be sorry for shouting, not in this case ..
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