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Hi their, #newhere on #joindiaspora.

If you wan't to add me to your contact list, please use my home account: http://tupambae.net/profile/requeteche

To make contact, the address you have to enter over here at diaspora is requeteche@tupambae.net

I will use this account to test federation with #friendica sites and in particular for testing the possibility friendica has for forum pages and groups, as #diaspora can't offer this. I think friendica can easily do that part in a federated web for all of us.

For now we have created the following forum pages over their:

Permaculture Forum http://tupambae.net/profile/permaculture -> permacul... ver más
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welcome !!
#wtfis requeteche?

¿Ask the federated web?

¡Ask big brother!
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