#fosdem2016 at sight .. we have to hurry Chewie!


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FOSDEM 2016 - Schedule
Every year, FOSDEM hosts a wide variety of activities. This page gives an overview with links to further information about scheduled events. FOSDEM is a very busy conference. This edition features 566 speakers, 616 events, and 50 tracks. We do our best to provide you with as much information and navigation options about the schedule as we can. Acti...
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Tupambae.net Hard fork

Tupambae.net hard fork
Mayor changes for this month

Tupambae.net will change to be a simple forum server and will no longer host personal accounts. The existing accounts will be froozen or you may delete them by yourself.

Please evacuate your personal data and clean up your accounts.

  • Review your post expire settings and set them in the end to expire all except the own data you wan't to remain and starred post's of others for any particular reason.
  • Advise your contacts of moving your account at time.
  • Look out for a proper server who fits your needs.
  • A new server only for personal accounts will be setup by Tupambae.net on a different domain name. That domain will have Twitter and maybe diaspora connection. Basically it will depend on the workflow of the domain and the users decision what will and what will not b
  • ... ver más
    A gallery for an image library was created at http://foto.tupambae.net
    Aspect based posting of content for domain users and random friends is enabled.

    The site retains complete rights to delete without reasons any content.

    gallery suspended
    TupambaeNet know also availabel as self signed SSL conection.
    Please visite:


    Cert Info
    Email contact: host(ad)tupambae.net
    Cert Name: host
    Organisation Unit: RedRespect
    Organisation: TupambaeNet
    Land: Net
    State: Tupambae
    Country: IS
    TupambaeNet reconsidera por el momento por completo la admisión de nuevos usuarios y/o la forma como admitir a los mismos.

    La posibilidad de registrar una solicitud de admisión se mantiene intacta.Se advierte que con la misma se debe entregar una dirección de correo para poder ser notificado en caso de admisión.
    más nuevo más antiguo