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tupambae.net apparently back online ..

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thx to
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tupambae.net back online .. + db update problem

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Hi their!
As you can see somehow we managed to be back online with our old provider(!) .. after changes in the develop branch plus some how setting up cron apparently now the hosting works well for friendica. :)

Here an error message when we tried to check the db structure:

Friendica 'Asparagus' 3.5.1-dev - 1203 escribió:
El paso de actualización de la estructura de la base de datos 1205 fallo con el mensaje de error: Errores encontrados al ejecutar cambios en la base de datos.
ALTER TABLE `config` DROP INDEX `cat_k`, ADD UNIQUE INDEX `cat_k` (`cat`(30),`k`(30));

what to do?
(message queue right now is "cola de mensajes" 2329 - 4442)

btw .. where is the the federation stats competition show off .. ?? :)

db update apparently passed today without problem
Friendica 'Asparagus' 3.5.1-dev - 1203
Actualización de base de datos 1209 fue aplicada con éxito.

Message queue still high:
Cola de mensajes
2329 - 4455

change to development branch

Hi there @Friendica Support,
how do I change to the devolpment branch, just can't "find the button" with my hoster:

On Wed Apr 27 12:44:54 2016
> Hi:
> can you please try the following:
> _*
> *_ cd /
> /git checkout develop/

Host answered:
This is what I get

git checkout develop
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Can some one please help me out?
Did you install Friendica via 'git clone'? If so, you must 'cd' into Friendicas document root first before you can do the checkout. You can identify a git repo by the folder .git and the file .gitignore.

cd /path/to/friendica/files
git checkout develop
git pull

@Friendica Support

ich würde gerne noch mal versuchen die Instalation auf diesem Hosting möglichst funktionell unter den gegebenen Umständen einzustellen. Vor einiger Zeit hat @Michael Vogel einige work arounds programiert die glaube ich in htconfig eingestellt werden müßen weis aber im Moment nicht genau wo die betreffenden Infos zu finden sind.
Zum einen hat das Hosting hier einige Beschränkungen, zum anderen hatte ich Probleme mit zugriff zu Cron Jobs.
Mitlerweile ist es so das es die Möglichkeit für mich gibt Cronjobs selber ein zu stellen, das ganze ist jedoch spanisch für mich, kann mir da einer genauere instructionen geben?
Ansonsten hab ich irgendwo mal ein Gespräch über bessere Einstellungen im admin backend gesehen, ich würde gerne mit einer sehr langsamen/resourcenschonenden Einstellung beginnen und dann langsam versuchen die beste Justierung zu finden.

Hier ein Screen des Cron Panels dies ist die Englische Cron-Info Seite.
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Danke für die Antworten, hier der Funkverkehr mit dem Provider, könnt ihr mir bei der korrekten Antwort auf seine Frage helfen?

Hi there,
I need help!
The friendica coders have come up with a lot of work-arounds to make it
run on webhosting environment.

To get these changes I will have to use the development branch for all
sites. This is also necessary as the sites are a testing environment so
coders get feedback and can fidel on their "synthesizer".
(Fidel → german → Violin / fideln → verb → playing the violin → violining)

As these changes are continuously (sometimes things don't work out that
easy in federated production environment) I do need a daily gitpull update.

This is the Github page

I guess the pull request is:
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Probleme beim wechseln auf die development branch:

Webhoster escribió:
On 20/04/16 15:43
This is not working

annie /var/www/virtual/tupambae.net # git clone https://github.com/friendica/friendica/tree/develop htdocs
Cloning into 'htdocs'...
fatal: repository 'https://github.com/friendica/friendica/tree/develop/' not found

Not sure if this might be because of the '/' at the end, tutorials don't show them.
I actually think best and correct maybe is just:


git checkout develop
git pull

Can somebody please help me out?

I like the new "Federation Statistics" section in the admin panel of Friendicas development branch. Thank you @Tobias

#federatedweb #federatedwebmarketing #FOSDEM2016

@Friendica Support #friendica #dev #federation #thefederation

You know what--there are new strings in the pipe waiting to be translated.

You do not need any programming skills to help Friendica by translating it into your mother tongue. Just a little bit of time and a browser. Head over to Transifex, join a translation team, and start enhancing the project UI.

You don't even need to hazzle with git and the other tools to get your work into the repositories. We'll care about that :-)

Thanks in advance!

@Friendica Support

debbuging php.out

@Friendica Support

Hi there,
we experienced some problems with the deactivation of #debugging to php.out.
Hopefully server performance will improve now.

Maybe others can check if the activation/deactivation works from the admin panel, as we ended up deleting a completely overblown #php.out over ftp to get rid of the never ending writing.

email integration

@Friendica Support

Hi there, the email integration doesn't work correct over here.
Mails are sorted as follow up response into other mails.The header of the mails are apparently correct but the content is from a different mail communication with that contact.

@Friendica Support

Hi there,
we have trouble over here with the call-dev.
The following message is displayed first when attemptig the calendar tab in a profile as an unknown visitor:
createCache_internal() should not be abstract in /var/www/virtual/../x_domains/wierlemann.net/htdocs/addon/dav/common/dav_caldav_backend_virtual.inc.php on line 34 Strict Standards: Static function Sabre_CardDAV_Backend_Common::getBackendTypeName() should not be abstract in /var/www/virtual/.. /x_domains/wierlemann.net/htdocs/addon/dav/common/dav_carddav_backend_common.inc.php on line 16 Strict Standards: Static function Sabre_CardDAV_Backend_Virtual::createCache_internal() should not be abstract in /var/www/virtual/../x_domains/wierlemann.net/htdocs/addon/dav/common/dav_carddav_backend_virtual.inc.php on line 31 Strict Standards: Static function Sabre_CardDAV_Backend
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Articles of Softpedia links can not be generated with the "insert web link" button

Somehow this doesn't work anymore... after inserting a link like this, it loads permanently but article will not be "imported". Using the vier theme.
But i can not say exactly since which version (at least since <=3.4.2), or if it's because of some change on softpedia.

Can somebody reproduce this @Friendica Support?

@Friendica Support @UX Watchdogs

Hi folks,

did anyone try to switch-on Public Key Pinning (HPKP) on its ~friendica ~friendica-Server ? Are there any experiences ?

P.S. Are there any experiences with OCSP stapling ?
Zwenkau am See

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hi . has someone the same problem, that public posts don`t show up in Diaspora while private ones do ?

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support @UX Watchdogs @Friendica Theme Developer

Because of my limited time I have decided to focus my work on smaller pieces. After my attempt to work on the Friendiboot theme (I know I said I would publish the result but I lost a little bit the motivation after summer holiday to work on Friendiboot) I realized that much theme stuff is hardcoded in friendica core. Especial if you want to use css framworks (like bootstrap) which use their own classes you will realize that there are many cases where you have to stop and have to leave it the way friendica core presents it.
While my work on Fr... ver más

Importing iCal Feeds?

@Friendica Support Currently I was working at the events (which I hadn't used in the past). I just was thinking about enabling it to import iCal feeds (like we already import RSS/Atom). They would be shown on the "events" page. And when "remote self" was enabled then they would be published as well.

What do you think? It shouldn't be much work since I wrote an iCal parser several years ago that I could use for it.

BTW: Don't mix it with CalDAV. CalDAV is some bidirectional protocol so that you can edit your personal calendar entries from everywhere. iCal is mostly used for public entries like a holiday calendar or calendar entries for public events.


again? sure! it's an ongoing struggle ;-)

If you want help to enhance the friendica user experience but have to programming skills, translating the user interface into a language other then the default English would really help.

The translation teams work on Transifex which offers a nice interface to do the translations. So you do not need to install any tools on your computer, just create an account there, register for one of the translation teams (or request a new one if your target language is not listed at the moment) and start contributing.

If you don't want to fiddle around with the rest of the translation pipeline, getting the translations into the friendica repository, no problem, we will take care of that.

And now have a great weekend :-)

@Friendica Support

Verzeichnis - Kontakte

Hallo zusammen

Mit ist eben aufgefallen, dass das globale Verzeichnis unter '?' -> Verzeichnis nicht mehr verfügbar ist. Ebenfalls bringt mir Friendica keine Vorschläge mehr, wenn ich unter 'Kontakte' -> 'Ähnliche Interessen' auswähle. 'Kontaktvorschläge' werden jedoch angezeigt. Bei anderen Profilen auf meinem Server ist die Situation identisch.
Ist dies nur ein Problem bei mir, oder können andere dies bestätigen?

@Friendica Support

Details der deutschen Übersetzung

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Hi Folks, because this topic is the German translation I write in German.

Heute habe ich in Transifex ein Stück der messages.po übersetzt. Ich vermute, es geht um eine Umfrage und Veranstaltungsplanung. Dabei ist mir ein String aufgefallen der eine andere Reihenfolge der Wörter in Deutsch hat. Es ist nur eine Vermutung, weil ich nicht weiß was an der Stelle genau passiert. Es geht um folgende Strings:

%1$s attends maybe %2$s's %3$s

Ich vermute nun, mit den Platzhaltervariablen ergibt sich folgender Sinn:
Tobias nimmt vielleicht an Vera's Kuchenessen teil.
Ist das so ? Dann würde ich die Übersetzung so fertig machen.
Zwenkau am See

@Friendica Support @Hosting provider

there is in general a lack of response when calling pages on the site, just could get a hand on the error message that sometimes pop's up in the browser:

Array ( [0]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [1]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [2]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [3]=> Too many login failures ) Array ( [0]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [1]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [2]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [3]=> Too many login failures ) Array ( [0]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [1]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [2]=> failed: Re-Authentication Failure [3]=> Too many login failures )

It's common to get 503 errors.

What could this be?
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