Das Update 1232 der Struktur der Datenbank wurde erfolgreich angewandt.
Das Update 1234 der Struktur der Datenbank wurde erfolgreich angewandt.

Help us translate the diaspora foundation website!

The official diaspora* website and especially the tutorial section has been updated to reflect the new diaspora* feature. (Thank you @goobgoob/goobgoobgoob !) Help us make it available in your favorite language! Please register on webtranslateit and contribute to translation!

#diaspora #l10n #i18n #translation #diasporafoundation

The diaspora* Project

The diaspora* Project

db update error 1211

@Friendica Support

Hi there,
we are back online and apparently now everything works fine.
As we use shared hosting and aren't coders at all we had lot's problems in the past.
thx for all the help!

The only thing that still bothers is some kind of messages standing in line:
Cola de mensajes
2413 - 5032

Right now trying to check if the db version is up to date we got the following error message:

El paso de actualización de la estructura de la base de datos 1211 fallo con el mensaje de error: Errores encontrados al ejecutar cambios en la base de datos.ALTER TABLE `cache` MODIFY `k` varbinary(255) NOT NULL;
Errores encontrados al ejecutar cambios en la base de datos.ALTER IGNORE TABLE `config` DROP INDEX `cat_k`, MODIFY `cat` varbinary(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', MODIFY `k` varbinary(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', ADD UNIQUE INDEX `cat_k` (`cat`,`k`);
Errores encontrados al ejecutar cambios en l
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Apparently this issue "solved alone".
After repeating the db check two three times right now we got the following message:
Actualización de base de datos 1214 fue aplicada con éxito.

#aaron #aaronswartz #swartz

“Everyone Made Themselves the Hero.” Remembering Aaron Swartz

On January 18, 2012, the Internet went dark. Hundreds of websites went black in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). The bills would have created a “blacklist” of censored websites based on accusations of copyright infringement. SOPA was en route to quietly passing. But when millions of Americans complained to their members of Congress, support for the bill quickly vanished. We called it the Internet at its best. As we approach the fifth anniversary of the blackout, we also note a much sadder anniversary.

settings actuales

Encryptado RINO → disabled
Expresiones regulares UTF-8 → disabled/Usar expresiones regulares de UTF8 en PHP
Dirección proxy → no
Usuario proxy → no

Tiempo de espera de red → 60
Valor en segundos. Usar 0 para dejarlo sin límites (no se recomienda).

Intervalo de actualización → 5
Retrasar la entrega de procesos en segundo plano por esta cantidad de segundos para reducir la carga del sistema. Recomendamos: 4-5 para los servidores compartidos, 2-3 para servidores privados virtuales, 0-1 para los grandes servidores dedicados.

Intervalo de sondeo → 5
Retrasar los procesos en segundo plano de sondeo en esta cantidad de segundos para reducir la carga del sistema. Si es 0, se usará el intervalo de entrega.

Promedio de carga máxima → 50
Carga máxima del sistema antes de que la entrega y los procesos de sondeo sean retrasados - por defecto 50.
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Duración de la caché en segundos → 432000 (5 days)
¿Por cuanto tiempo deberían los archives ser almacenados en el cache? Valor por defecto 86400 segundos (un día). Para deshabilita el item cache, ajuste el valor a -1.
Intervalo de actualización → 3
Intervalo de sondeo → 0

Inicio:  Sábado Enero 30, 2016 @ 5:00 AM
Final:  Lunes Febrero 01, 2016 @ 4:59 AM
Inicial conversation on organization

Organization Pad

Are there friendicans being available this year?

@Friendica Support

Hi friendica community!

This is a proposal for the #friendica and #federatedweb community to evolve this friendica server into a community driven forum server.

What are your thoughts on this?

rewrite of a proposal expressed in reduced conversation 5 month ago escribió:
Pulsa para abrir/cerrar... ver más
What are your thoughts on this?

.. ohh ohh ..

.. cause the #internet is our #commons ..

We need to talk about why you have to escape #fakebook and jump into the #federatedweb.


For several years we have provided servers and communication infrastructure. We have done our best to keep the servers safe and have resisted requests for user data by the authorities, using various means.

In short: we try to offer a liberating form of private communication within a commerce driven internet.

We have always seen the internet as a resource for our struggles and at the same time recognized it as contested political terrain, and we have acted accordingly. We thought that most saw it the same way. But since more and more people have been "using" fakebook (or fakebook has been using them), we are not so sure any more. Instead, our work has been seen as lacking and exhausting. Encrypted comm... ver más


Happy new what ever 2016
Inicio:  Viernes Enero 01, 2016 @ 5:00 AM
Final:  Martes Febrero 09, 2016 @ 4:55 AM
No more give aways, there is only investment!
Localización:  federated web

happy new what ever 2016


No more give aways, there is only investment!

Dear friends, as lots of people try to start into something new every once in a while, and some in particular today, don't stand behind and give us a hand ..

Who wants tokens!

We made ourselves on a bunch of faircoin tokens and invest those in the federated community. We do this because we consider, as their is electrum support for faircoin (as well as an android wallet), that this could be a nice moment to check the blockchain technology and it's federated opportunities.

So how can we do this best?
First of all we want to forward those tokens as fast as possible to the respective pod admins and coders so those communities can start to manage the fai... ver más


Actualización de base de datos 1191 fue aplicada con éxito.
updated to versión 3.4.3-2

Actualizaciones de la Base de Datos
Actualización de base de datos 1191 fue aplicada con éxito.
Friendica 'Asparagus' 3.5.1-dev - 1203

Actualización de base de datos 1209 fue aplicada con éxito.

Cola de mensajes
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site footer

25/08/14 - 31/08/15 - expired
Donacion del mes We struggle for life Initiative
Imagen/Foto Imagen/Foto
31/08/15 →
Donacion del mes friendica community server
faircoin added as support token

TOS anouncement
taken of the footer
propaganda overload

create own bbcode or bbcode addon

@Friendica Developers
This is in reference to the bbcode request on Github

test escribió:
Pulsa para abrir/cerrar

This is the code I use for the personalised bbcodes on a phpBB board, so the question is, what would be the best way to add bbcode to friendica, by an addon or coding the possibility to add bbcode in the admin panel:

<a href=bitcoin:{INTTEXT}?amount={INTTEXT1}&label={INTTEXT4}&message={INTTEXT3} title=Click para donar bitcoins><img src=https://tupambae.com/images/site_image/bitcoin-fleur-64.png title="Donar {INTTEXT1} {INTTEXT2}" /></a>

Bitcoin wallet reference:
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GnuSocial-StatusNet-Quitter api installado con https://quitter.is

ave fun

gif images

@Friendica Support
Hi there.
First we had problems with the gif image display. The file extension gif wasn't displayed. Since the update to 3.3.3 gif images are uploaded like jpg.
Is this new? permanent? a known issue?

@Friendica Support

as already stated we update finally to friendica 3.3 and diaspora federation is working again. Their are still problems remaining with the server, posting or sending a reply leaves the page for more than 5 minutes in sending mode. When trying to add a new contact over the contacts page, adding diaspora contact by address, appears a white page at /follow.
I just switched off all addons except render time to see which problems remain. After the update a db base structur test gives a message we had before so db update was manually confirmed. There was some trouble with the github update some files might have been changed by error via ftp or no idea why.

Since the update there are new php error messages.
Database structure update 1178 was successfully applied.
Executing update_1168 failed with error: 1
Performance: Database: 0.397, Network: 0, Rendering: 0.004, Parser: 0, I/O: 0.001, Other: 0.034, Total: 0.437
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