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ok .. is it me? .. i don't get it ..

when it comes to @blockchain with a tool like #electrum, available at least for #bitcoin, #litecoin and #faircoin every one has access to a unique, quite secure address, with if necessary an extra long password in an offline wallet format to recover full access of your "identity" if necessary.

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Hi developers, podmin's and node administrators of the #federatedweb, please have a look at the following #investment offer and eventually reclaim your #tokens, as it will expire on chinese new year!
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The first problem of blockchain was that every one needs the whole blockchain data to participate.
Electrum server, that could be:
  • faircoin.tupambae.net
  • faircoin.zothub.com
    hold that blockchain for the people that use an electrum wallet application and processes transactions, charging an arbitrary fee for that processing. When the standard user makes a transaction he can choose which electrum server he wants to use, tho passing the transaction fee to his preferred site, service or maybe project.

    Digital signiture means that only the owner of a wallet address can create a hash for any kind of text, i guess commonly a simple transaction, so nobody else can identify as the wallet owner.

    #MPK → Master Public Key. This key gives you watching only access to all the accounts (wallets) that the "master" wallet can generate. In o
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    @Michael Vogel
    As explained this is more about federated setup, as the coin has a working electrum server code (as btc and ltc). The coins them selfs where obtained to play around with it and see what this technology in general means for us in the internet. faircoin displays on electrum and android a given value by getfair which is right now at 5 cent (€) wich is more than the only trading site option (and i guess always will be).

    Right now the value is increasing on bittrex (0.00005000) and might peak to .0001 at least. For friendica coders (2000 coins) that would mean btc value of 0.2 (at 350USD = 70USD). Not really money but if we look at it like #tokens (#fichas #spielsteinchen ) we can look at it like anything... ver más
    @Friendica Support

    Hi friendica community!

    This is a proposal for the #friendica and #federatedweb community to evolve this friendica server into a community driven forum server.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    I'm running Wheezy from usb on ibm t42 and it's more or less ok, so no need to expose own hardware. Just download last wheezy or tails → dd if= of=, and your done. :)

    (btw - tails comes with electrum wallet, people can even create an #mpk for to have faircoin adresses for the people)
    Ok, this would onlybe cute if you put some kind of ballot/voting screen and locate a surveillance camera properly, maybe managed with a joystick. :)
    El tupambae siempre ha sido bondadoso para las comunidades. :)

    You need to pass some wallet address so the tokens can be delivered. You'd might test in the first place the electrum wallet as it is easy to use and the first best and simple option to store the coins. There are actually some examples of #openacountabillity , i will see if i find some, they where published with #MPK tag if I remember well. Here you find a more advanced example (screenshot) of a initiative itself that uses the wallet address as name ID (on friendica you can do 34 caracters, but the 32 of D* would do the same i guess).

    You'd probably might just publish your wallet address for the tokens to the Happy New Whatever post and think about what to do with them!Imagen/Foto
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