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US-Dollar about to go to all time lows again ..
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The land of
the Wirtschaftskriegsgewinnler..

200 #bitcoin auf Bitstamp verkauft??
Da iss doch glatt gerade einer Millionär geworden ..
Zentralisierung statt Demokratisierung: Neue Hierarchien durch die Blockchain

Zentralisierung statt Demokratisierung: Neue Hierarchien durch die Blockchain

Der Ruf der Blockchain als technische Graswurzelbewegung bröckelt. Tatsächlich könnte sie vor allem großen Firmen und Organisationen nutzen.
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#bitcoin tecnical analysis by @ToneVays
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on twitter of course, so i write some more lines and we get a link to the e-coin analysis and bitcoin forum page out here into twitter, as we have already character overflow … :) https://twitter.com/ToneVays/status/910520179402174464
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#PinkyVays goes german #autobahn and get's hit by a lot of criticism ..
German Autobahn is lightning network! :-)

You drive like miss daisy, 200mph or you missed gas pedal..
trading #bitcoin is like watching Mike Tyson fight. You go bathroom before action starts and when you come back the dip is over ..
#bitcoin #btc-e just reopened trading as WEX.nz
The URL btc-e.nz redirects to wex.nz .
Username and pass are still working.

WEX | News

Blockchain für Flüchtlinge: Digitale Identität mit Prepaid-Kreditkarte für Asylsuchende in Finnland

Blockchain für Flüchtlinge: Digitale Identität mit Prepaid-Kreditkarte für Asylsuchende in Finnland

Wer ohne Ausweisdokumente in ein fremdes Land kommt, kann dort kaum Fuß fassen. Die finnische Einwanderungsbehörde verteilt deshalb Prepaid-Kreditkarten einschließlich Blockchain-Identitätsnachweis.
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you see thomas .. gotcha! :)
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@MADbitcoins to europe! if he starts using #diaspora, or #hubzilla,...

@MADbitcoins to europe! if he starts using #diaspora, or #hubzilla, we're done! takle him over there!
@MADbitcoins to europe! if he starts using #diaspora, or #hubzilla, we're done! takle him over there!

YouTube: Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-07) - ICO Friendly Island - Dumb Bets - Bitcoin on the Rise, again (World Crypto Network)

Donate Bitcoin: 1NX6ijFGErktMGNYUHayD5iHDcZSFHdAwe Be a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/madbitcoins $4,648.96USD / BTC | Winkdex http://winkdex.com/graph#?e...
#bitcoin world as real as it can get ..
@TechBalt interviews @SatoshiLite #CharlieLee creator of #litecoin

YouTube: Charlie Lee talks Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bgold, crypto-dividends, and much more! (BitcoinMeister)

Charlie Lee returns to the show! It is an honor to have one of the most honest men in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here. We are going to talk about Litecoin de...
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#bitcoin .. a case study ..

when #denial gives it's reasoning a voice ..
#ICO #china #NEO #ethereum #altcoin

YouTube: Bitcoin, ICO Ban and Crypto Bloodbath - Programmer explains (Ivan on Tech)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen a huge downward trend. A lot has to do with the Chinese ICO regulations. Let's talk about these events. We also ...
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"md_adil: The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. ..."
sounds like MAD-bitcoins to me ..
#bitcoin #ist ..

.. als wie wenn man Aktien für #linux Geld kaufen könnte.
Würden Sie dagegen wetten?
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possible just by clicking buttons ..

YouTube: Litecoin Bitcoin Ethereum BLUE SKY Technical Analysis Chart 8/31/2017 by ChartGuys.com - YouTube (TheChartGuys)

Litecoin Bitcoin Ethereum Technical Analysis Chart for 8/31/2017 NEW Course: https://chartguys.com/courses/entries-exits/ Please Signup for a FREE trial on...
#bitcoin in about 2 years from 162 to 4.492 USD (bitfinex)
the lines are fibonacci retracement lines drawn from the highest to the lowest point in the scale.
#bitcoin and the brave new FOX-twitter World ..
#bitcoin in the @ChartGuys Channel
If you wonder where the future economy will happen, have a look at the view count .. (don't forget to buy your btc with credit card ..)
@e-coin Analysis
Here is the weekly chart line from 2015 that we are crossing now ..
#lol → #lollol
bahaha it's FOX @LizClaman .. Will Congress kill infant currency? https://twitter.com/LizClaman/status/894597300772888576
#TheBitcoinGroup on #btc-e #bitcoin
".. like #ThePirateBay where the web site keeps running,
although the administrators keep going to jail ..
so it's not that great .."

#electrum #litecoin wallet download site hacked!
On July 31, around 13:00 UTC, an attacker exploited a vulnerability in the virtualization software employed by this website's host to replace the sources and Windows binaries of __Electrum-LTC with modified versions.__ We were made aware of the issue by 17:30 UTC, and promptly restored the original files. We then proceeded to carefully move the website to a new host that would be immune to said vulnerabilities.
If you downloaded a source distribution or a Windows binary of Electrum-LTC from this website during the above time range, and did not verify its digital signature, your computer may have been infected by malware, and you should take action immediately. Note that the digital signatures have been available and valid all along.
@bitcoin @blockchain

Electrum Litecoin Wallet

Electrum Litecoin Wallet
#IMF #bitcoin #blockchain
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Fintech and Financial Services Initial Considerations 2017/06/16

Overall, the paper finds that boundaries among different types of service providers are blurring; barriers to entry are changing; and improvements in cross-border payments are likely. It argues that regulatory authorities need to balance carefully efficiency and stability trade-offs in the face of rapid changes, and ensure that trust is maintained in an evolving financial system. It also highlights the importance of international cooperation.

Fintech and Financial Services : Initial Considerations

Fintech and Financial Services : Initial Considerations
Bald schon dürften die #Bitcoin und #Ethereum Börsen nicht mehr nur ein Tummelplatz für individuelle Privatinvestoren, sondern auch für Hedgefonds aller Art sein, die diesen Handel – mit allen erdenklichen Folgen – an sich reißen werden…

CFTC stößt Institutionellen die Tore zu Kryptowährungsmärkten auf

Kryptowährungen genießen in der Öffentlichkeit immer mehr Aufmerksamkeit. Vielleicht mag dies auch daran liegen, dass die über die letzten Jahre erfolgten Skandal um digitale Konten- und Börsenplatzeinbrüche durch diverse Hacker mittlerweile abgeebbt sind, und Japan Bitcoin unlängst zu einem offiziellen Zahlungsmittel erklärt hatte. Der nächste Schritt erfolgt nun seitens der Regulierungsbehörde CFTC, die dem Options- und Derivatehandel an den Kryptowährungsmärkten jüngst grünes Licht erteilt hat. Auf diese Weise wird nun auch institutionellen Investoren Tür und Tor zu diesem höchst spekulativen Marktsegment geöffnet.
Mr.Dax vom @cashkurs klärt über #bitcoin auf!

na dann wissen wir ja jetzt bescheid .. :)
Faircoin aktiviert die weltweit erste 100% kooperative Blockchain

Wir befinden uns an einem historisches Augenblick: Nach zwei Jahren Entwicklung und Erprobung ist die Faircoins Blockchain bereit, seinen Algorythmus vom Proof of Stake (PoS) zum bisher nie dagewesenen Proof of Cooperation (PoC) zu ändern.

Wichtig: Software update!

#faircoin #bitcoin #altcoin #blockchain https://fair.coop/de/faircoin-aktiviert-die-weltweit-erste-100-kooperative-blockchain/
#FairCoin pone en marcha el primer blockchain 100% cooperativo

Se trata de un hito histórico: tras dos años de desarrollo e infinidad de pruebas, el blockchain de FairCoin está preparado para cambiar su algoritmo, que pasa a basarse en “Prueba de Cooperación” (Proof-of-Cooperation), en vez de “Prueba de Participación” (Proof-of-Stake).

Importante: actualizen su software!

#bitcoin #altcoin #ñ https://fair.coop/es/faircoin-pone-en-marcha-el-primer-blockchain-100-cooperativo/
there you go .. O_o
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The Bitcoin,Ethereum Gold Rush!!

YouTube: The Bitcoin,Ethereum Gold Rush!! (Kamal Glover)

Use the code R8avSs and get 3% every time you purchase hashpower to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum and a ton of other Cryptocurrencies at https://www.genesis-mini...
#faircoin - the only one that's steady when #bitcoin country panics ..
#blockchain #bitcoin #realitycheck #adjucateYourself

YouTube: Terrorism & Illicit Finance 6/8 Hearing, Virtual Currency: Financial Innovation & National Security (Minting Coins)

The First of Two Hearings on Bitcoin, entitled “Virtual Currency: Financial Innovation and National Security Implications”, and is overseen by the Terrorism ...
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