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Couch potatoes, there’s hope for you yet

A two-year exercise program helped middle-aged couch potatoes get fit and reversed the effects of years of sitting around.
* here's the science
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Fit in 60 Seconds? 1-Minute Workout May Be Good Enough

A new study finds that just 1 minute of sprinting leads to similar improvements in health and fitness as a much longer, endurance training workout.
leucrocuta> owh, it seems that I'm trying to do right now is far more complex that I tought...
i'm trying to create (just as an exercise) an object which when it's referenced in another variable than the initial one, is the same refererence initially, nothing inusual here, but once we modify some property, a deviating version is recorded in the object, and when "unmodified version" referencing variable read the object, values are the initial one, but when "modified version" refererence read
the object, applyed changes are here

(short version, if this was working, it would do: a = deviation('I am A')
print(a) #

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Cascadia Rising: The biggest megaquake #exercise to prepare the imminent Cascadia megaquake and tsunami
I'm down to 238 lbs from 250. I'll be honest - I'm not in great shape. I've had to start over again at managing light cardio at every workout, but I've started going more consistently recently, and results are starting to show. I hope to get back down to about 200 or so, but I'll have to step things up to get there.

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#Drugs are really overrated as a means of consciousness alteration. Not to piss on the use of drugs but there are many forms of alteration that have far less serious consequences.

Belief systems, for example, kick the shit out of drugs.

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