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Someone got it all wrong..

Had me a wtf-lulz while compiling profanity. x_X
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At some point, a year ago, give or take, I realized all xmpp clients suck ass. It was this malcontent that led me to #profanity. A week ago I realized all bittorrent clients suck donkey ass, they are all slow like shit or terribly bloated. Again, the malcontent made me install rtorrent. You really need to try rtorrent, I have never ever seen such speed. Rtorrent is ultrasmooth. Also sexy as cli, no bloat, elegant, minimal, clear, nice and sexy.

Why are you not using rtorrent, diasporian?



rtorrent - rTorrent BitTorrent client
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A very good jabber client. Recommended!



An Equal Opportunity Social Network

Most of you know I have been – well, kinda sorta – “promoting” Diaspora as a social network alternative to Facebook for a host of reasons, both technical and ethical. Yet at the same time I have lamented the fact that Diaspora seems to attract – besides a lot of Linux nerds – a disproportionate number of atheists, vegans, anarchists, socialists, communists, liberals and other assorted left-wingnuts. I think I may be the only politically conservative (not necessarily Republican), bible-believing Christian on the entire global federated network. Okay, cool. So it’s a great cyber “mission field.” That’s okay with me.

What’s “not okay,” I guess, is the in-your-face-right-from-the-start hatred for anything that doesn’t fully agree with, promote, advance, energize, require, mandate, ram, cram, or jam liberalism. Do a search on D... ver más
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