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VA Healthcare leaving me hanging on a potentially quite serious issue

In order to save myself time typing, I’m just going to post the information that I did on other media previously regarding this issue. Any input or advice would be appreciated, and I also just wanted to make it known publicly in case I end up dead because of this or anything.

Original public post (Aug. 5th):

Welp, so much for bowling tonight. I guess I'm gonna go back to the ER again and try to find out what's up with these chest pains getting worse and so much more frequent.

I love how the VA is now required by law (see below) to refer me to an outside, local, provider for any wait longer than 30 days for an appointment. Hell, I'm also eligible because I have to travel more than 40 miles, as well. Yet my original appointment was June 26th, and it's only getting worse, and even when I called and tried to get the VA Choice program people to hook me up, they couldn't because 'I wasn't on the list'.

This is pissing me the fuck off. What the fuck happens to
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